Update on Road Closures in Enid


Due to the westbound lane closure of West Chestnut Avenue beginning Monday, July 15, 2019, citizens can access the Stonebridge Plaza businesses for shopping via the Stonebridge Village Plaza Drive which is located on the west end of the shopping development. City of Enid officials announced early Friday that beginning Monday, July 15, the westbound lane of West Chestnut Avenue will be closed from the west side of North Cleveland Street to Stonebridge Village Drive.  This closure will allow crews to remove and reconstruct this portion of West Chestnut Avenue. Stonebridge Village Plaza Drive will provide the access for patrons to this popular shopping development while street improvements are made to West Chestnut Avenue.

City of Enid officials announced today the partial closing of two intersections to allow for concrete construction projects beginning Monday, July 15, 2019. According to Larry LaRue, construction project manager for the City of Enid, the south portion of the intersection at Cogdal Drive and Watson Street will be closed to traffic.  In addition, the intersection at 4th and Cherry Avenue will also be closed to allow for concrete construction. LaRue said both projects should be completed by July 29, 2019.