Operation Cleanup Is Underway!


Ward 2 City Commissioner Derwin Norwood is asking volunteers to donate time and energy to assist with Operation Clean Up!

Norwood said, “Operation Clean Up is an event allowing residents and local businesses in Ward 2 to feel they can positively impact the neighborhood by picking up trash.  A community cleanup is an opportunity for neighbors, organizations, school and businesses to choose an area to clean up and improve the areas ascetics.”

According to Lou Mintz, Public Utilities Director for the City of Enid, large roll-offs or trash dumpsters will be placed in three areas in the Southern Heights Addition.  The containers will be located near 4th and Nagel, 4th and East Iowa, and 4th and East York.

Commissioner Norwood is hopeful that many individuals will capitalize on this opportunity to help the community!   Operation Clean Up will continue through the month of August.  For more information, please call 580-297-3860.