Although the NFL will soon be kicking off its 2019 season, the XFL took headlines yesterday for some insight into it’s relaunch in 2020.  Yesterday afternoon, various XFL officials revealed not only the new team names for all 8 organizations, but also each logo for fans to see.  Although Oklahoma does not have any team in the league, some interest could be seen from the XFL’s Dallas, Houston, or St. Louis based teams.


The Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, and St. Louis Battlehawks were 3 of the 8 teams introduced officially yesterday, with additional teams in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Tampa Bay & Washington D.C. revealed as well.  Although not much is currently known about the second coming of the league, former Oklahoma QB Landry Jones has made his announcement on joining the XFL clear, becoming the first official player in league history.  The Dallas Renegades could be a potential landing spot for Jones, as former Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops is the current GM of the organization.


The XFL is planning on returning to mainstream TV in February of 2020, after the end of the upcoming NFL season.  Below is an image with all the team names and logos, as well as the video sent nationwide to officially introduce each organization yesterday.