The best time to apply for jobs is now, experts say


KLH49/iStock(NEW YORK) — For many professionals like Jasmine de Jesus, finding a job can be nerve-wracking — especially if you’re trying to find a new job in a new city.“I usually get a bit nervous on the onset but go with the flow and things kind of work out,” she said.De Jesus, who’s currently looking for the next chapter in her professional career, recently moved from California to New York and is no stranger to job hunting.“My significant other works for the Federal Aviation Administration and his career has brought him to various places,” she told ABC News’ Good Morning America. “I follow along and here’s the next chapter.”Luckily for her and others who are in the same position, the best time to start looking for a job appears to be now.Linkedin career expert Catherine Fisher told GMA that we are currently in a hiring season. She said that there are more jobs available than people looking for work.”There are 20 million jobs on LinkedIn right now,” Fisher said.Recruiters are seeking possible candidates like De Jesus both online and at career fairs around the country. And this time around, many recruiters are telling candidates that skills may be more important than schooling.“What’s happening is that there are so many jobs,” said Fisher. “Because of this, companies are starting to look at what they used to use as these gating factors, and realized that what’s more important is getting the right employee who’s got the right skills.””It’s less about what school did you go to, do you have that four-year college degree, [and more about] can you do that job that we need you to do to be successful,” Fisher added.For De Jesus, looking for a job has been a full-time job in itself — but she’s confident she’ll find the right job when it comes along.“At the end of the day, it’s about introducing myself and what I may be able to provide to anyone who is looking to fill a position,” she said. “And hopefully I can be that right person.”

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