EPD warns of potential telephone scam


The Enid Police Department issued the following warning on their Facebook page regarding recent telephone scams:

“We have received several reports about a scam that is currently being targeted at the Enid area. The scammers are calling people claiming to be an officer, detective, sergeant Lieutenant or captain with the Enid Police Department, or Enid Sheriff’s office or some other law enforcement or government agency. They are often giving the name and sometimes badge number of real members of our department making it seem like a more legitimate call. They are also changing their caller ID information so it appears they are calling from a local number and sometimes the caller ID will even show they are calling from the Enid Police Department.

They will make claims such as… You’ve missed jury duty…You did not pay a fine that you owed… You have an arrest warrant Etc. They will then tell you that you must pay a fine right now over the phone either by giving a credit card number or purchasing gift cards, Etc. and giving the information from those cards over the phone. They will usually threaten to arrest you if you do not do as they say right now. Do not pay any money over the phone like this and we’ll never ask you to do so. If you get a call from anyone claiming to be with the Enid Police Department and you are not sure if its real, ask for their name and tell them you will call them right back. Then call our non-emergency number– 580-242-7000 — and ask the communications personnel to connect you to that officer. If the call was real, the officer will be perfectly fine with you confirming his/her identity and if the call was a scam you can report it.”