There is a “scary and beautiful” reason why Jason Momoa and Hera Hilmer are so excited about ‘See’


ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) — In a few days, Apple TV+ will launch, along with its highly anticipated Jason Momoa-led drama See. The highly buzzed-about Sci-Fi is set in a future world where humanity has gone completely blind.

The unique plot is exactly what has Momoa and co-star Hera Hilmer so thrilled about the upcoming series.  Talking with ABC Audio, the two discussed what they learned about living in this fantastical sightless world.

“Well, it’s a little bit scary and beautiful,” Momoa starts before Hilmer, who plays his on-screen wife, excitedly interjects, “Yeah. But, also how capable people are.”

The 30-year-old actress added, “I think people with vision, sometimes the idea of it being taken away is like death or something like that. There’s nothing more to us. And it’s so far from being that.”

The series explores a future where a virus ravages mankind and causes the remaining survivors to completely lose their ability to see.  The show, set centuries after that cataclysmic event, centers on Momoa and Hilmer’s characters who are desperately trying to protect their newborn twins that were born with sight.

They, along with their tribe, must outmaneuver a queen who heralds the twins as a product of witchcraft and launches numerous attacks to destroy them.

Momoa, who is the face of the ambitious project, revealed that he doesn’t feel any pressure.  Instead, he cannot wait to see the audience’s reaction.

“I’m stoked, man. Like we killed it. I’m extremely proud and like, I’m excited for anyone to see it,” the Aquaman star boasts, “it’s beautiful.”

See launches alongside Apple’s new $4.99-a-month streaming service, Apple TV+, on November 1.  

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