Dozens seen driving past hit-and-run victim in middle of Los Angeles road


KABC(LOS ANGELES) — Newly released video shows dozens of vehicles driving around a pedestrian fatally struck by another car in Los Angeles before anyone stops to help.The hit-and-run appears to have happened during a street race, but no suspects have been arrested, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.The victim, 22-year-old Neri Ramires Chalo, is seen in the video getting out of his car and crossing the street around 10 p.m.Investigators said Chalo saw two white cars speeding in his direction and began to run. He dodged the first car but was struck by the second, and both drivers fled the scene.”The force of the collision propelled him down the roadway, at which point he came to rest,” said Josh Wade, a detective.Chalo was pronounced dead at the scene.The surveillance tape shows more than 30 cars passing by Chalo’s body, with several drivers slowing down or changing lanes.Detectives said they believe the two white cars were racing, reaching speeds of more than 60 mph in a 40 mph zone.The vehicle that struck Chalo may have been driven by Roberto Ocampo, police said. He has not yet been taken into custody.”These situations are tragic all the way around, and we can only urge Roberto to come forward and give a statement to us about the night of the accident,” Wade said.

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