From Forky to ‘Finding Nemo’, Marvel to ‘Mandalorian,’ Disney+ debuts today


Disney+(NEW YORK) — The new streaming service Disney+ debuts today, and with it, the expansive libraries of Disney’s animated classics, the world of Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe become available on demand to subscribers.

In addition, Disney+ features a number of original shows spun from Disney properties, including Star Wars’ The Mandalorian, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and Forky Asks a Question, featuring Tony Hale’s breakout star from Toy Story 4.

The Forky series is comprised of 10 short episodes featuring a question like, “What Is Time?” or “What is Art?”  Hale says it has shades of another favorite animated series, Schoolhouse Rock.  Forky is also a perfect foil to explain the world to kids.

Hale tells ABC News, “He doesn’t know anything about the universe. And he’s just like, what’s going on? Like, why?”

In one of the most anticipated projects, Iron Man director Jon Favreau and his Clone Wars collaborator, Dave Filoni, present The Mandalorian. Game of Thrones veteran Pedro Pascal stars as the title character, a bounty hunter operating in the far reaches of the galaxy.

So far, we’ve only seen the character wearing the familiar helmet also worn by Boba Fett in the Star Wars films.  So will we see his face?

Pascal tells ABC News, “You know, like those Sergio Leone movies, Clint Eastwood’s character? I think he’s credited as ‘Man with no name’…I’m the man with no face. So get used to it.”

In the show, former MMA fighter Gina Carano plays ex-soldier Cara Dune. She says of the show, “the passion behind it is just incredible.”

In a much different vein, every episode of another series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, sees the enigmatic Jurassic Park star exploring one topic.

“It changed my life,” Goldblum tells ABC News. “I learned a lot of things — about science about sneakers and all that.”

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