Chilling audio of possible kidnapping caught on home surveillance camera in Los Angeles


Ring/WABC (LOS ANGELES) — Outdoor home surveillance camera footage released by the Los Angeles Police Department captured the sounds of an unseen woman screaming in terror in what police believe is a suspected kidnapping.The screaming woman may be the victim of a possible kidnapping that occurred on Nov. 12, police said via a press release.Another woman can be seen in the video standing on what appears to be a front porch and looking towards the direction of the screams. An LAPD spokesperson told ABC News that the woman in the video is the owner of the home with the home surveillance camera.The video also shows a car speeding away from the camera’s view.Police provided more details in a press release about the possible kidnapping.”Witnesses on the 3000 block of 3rd Avenue heard a female screaming, ‘help me, somebody help me,” the statement read.”At the same time witnesses observed a possible 4-door white Prius with two occupants inside, speed off southbound 3rd Avenue,” the statement continued, and that a woman with “dark braided hair” was believed to be in the front passenger seat.A witness observed the woman’s hair being pulled backward while she was screaming, according to the statement. “Witness-1 observed plastic wrap over the front passenger side window from a possible prior traffic collision. The Suspect was heard shouting, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,"” the statement also read.The LAPD spokesperson said there was no new or additional information about the suspected kidnapping.“I’m bothered, I’m really bothered,” said witness Denise Bingham to ABC News’ Los Angeles affiliate KABC-TV. “Her screams, I can’t forget it. I can’t forget it.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.