Mark Ruffalo says ‘Dark Waters’ is a “story of our times”

(L-R: Rob Bilott; Mark Ruffalo) Marion Curtis / StarPix for Focus Features(NEW YORK) — Dark Waters just might change the way you look at your drinking water.

In the based-on-a-true-story film, Mark Ruffalo plays Rob Bilott, a corporate defense attorney who goes up against chemical giant DuPont after he uncovers evidence the company is poisoning a West Virginia town by pumping hazardous chemicals into the drinking water.

Ruffalo says he was inspired to make the film after reading a New York Times article detailing Bilott’s 20-year legal battle.

“This story is a story of our times and has to be told and it has to be told through these particular people,” Ruffalo tells ABC Audio. “And I just saw what he did as such an act of heroism.”

He adds, “Anyone who takes a journey like that actually believes in people, you know. That’s pretty beautiful.”

The real-life Bilott says when he met Ruffalo the two just “clicked.” He gets to make a cameo in the film, but admits seeing his life play out on screen was “totally surreal.”

“Some of it was still a little difficult to watch when you see it, but it’s done so well,” he says.

The cast features Anne Hathaway as Rob’s wife Sarah, Tim Robbins as his boss Tom Terp, Victor Garber as DuPunt head Phil Donnelly and Bill Camp as the West Virginia farmer who appeals to Rob for help.

Dark Waters hits theaters in limited release today and expands to wide release on December 13.

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