OSU Professor Allegedly Faced Discrimination After Serving in Trump Administration


Professor Whitney Blair of Oklahoma State University is suing over the alleged political discrimination that she faced at the university when she returned to campus after serving on the president’s administration as a senior executive in the Department of Health and Human Services.

An Oklahoma State review committee found that school officials had “distressed, confused and humiliated” Bailey, as well as demonstrated a “systematic failure to follow university policy,” which the professor alleges also resulted in her losing out on paid projects and a promotion at the university’s College of Human Sciences.

The report added that Bailey also alleges that Oklahoma State Provost Gary Sandefur, College of Human Sciences Dean Stephan Wilson, and university officials Sissy Osteen and Jarrod Noftsger displayed a pattern of partisan bias and oftentimes publicly criticized President Donald Trump and his supporters.

The report added that Bailey also filed a tort claim against the university last month, adding that if the claim is denied, the professor’s attorneys will likely add the school to the latest lawsuit.