School grades for 2018-2019 released


School report cards for the previous school year 2018-2019 were unveiled by the Oklahoma State Board of Education on Monday.

The grades are the standard letter grade A through F based on numerous factors including graduation rate, attendance, and academic proficiency. The results were mixed around the state with some unsatisfactory results in Enid Public Schools.

Some highlights from the report for Oklahoma as a whole:

  • 95 elementary schools improved one letter grade or more in the overall grade, largely due to increases in academic growth.
  • 95 middle schools increased one letter grade or more in the overall grade.
  • 5 high schools improved two overall letter grades due to gains in points for graduation and postsecondary opportunities.
  • 44 high schools increased one overall letter grade.

In regards to local results in Enid, Enid High School earned an overall grade of D with an F in chronic absenteeism, and 3 Ds in academic achievement, graduation rate, and English Language proficiency. Elementary schools did well, each one earning a B grade. The best graded middle school was Waller with a C.


Chisholm Public Schools did well, with B grades for the middle and high schools while the elementary earned an A.