Fit for the holidays: Olivia Culpo’s five-move workout you can do anywhere


ABC News(NEW YORK) — Staying in shape during the holidays just got a whole lot easier thanks to Olivia Culpo’s on-the-go workout. This full-body workout, developed by P.volve, includes tons of moves that keep the influencer going through countless parties and dinners. P.volve is a resistance-based, low-impact fitness method with a goal to strengthen, sculpt and energize the entire body. It involves slow, controlled movements to activate hard-to-reach muscles using bands, gliders and light weights. Culpo first learned about P.volve from model Devon Windsor, who did the workouts in preparation for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.Culpo admits that remaining active while traveling can be “really challenging,” but keeping herself accountable helps her stay on track.”If you have a goal that’s important to you, you should just tell the people that you’re with so they can help support you,” she said. Bringing along your own food, cutting portion sizes and booking a hotel with a gym can also prevent unhealthy choices, said P.volve trainer Evan Breed.”Find a workout that does allow you to do it in a smaller space,” Breed said. “And walking, going out and seeing the sights, and getting plenty of sleep and hydrating [are important].” Grab your resistance bands, find space in your hotel or childhood bedroom, and try this simple-yet-effective workout by Culpo and Breed:Move #1: Upper bodyWhat you’ll need: or any resistance band

    •    Take the middle part of the and hook it around your thumbs.    •    Go into the P.stance. Stand with feet hip-width apart and sit back to activate glutes, keeping knees bent over your heels.    •    Lift both arms to bring up and over the head.    •    As you lift, open the arms using your back, and sit back.    •    Repeat eight times.Move #2: Abs and thighsWhat you’ll need: or any resistance band

Loop around ankles.
Point the right toe forward and interlace hands behind the head.
Lean back into the spine to engage the front of the body. Keep elbows wide.
Crunch the right knee up toward the pelvis and tap the toe down.
Repeat six times, then alternate legs.

Move #3: AbsWhat you’ll need: Gliders

    •    Standing on gliders, roll down into a plank position. With shoulders over wrists, push the floor away to create resistance. Abs are tight.    •    Pull the right knee in toward the elbow, hold and return to plank position.    •    Alternate legs. Repeat.Move #4: Lower body What you’ll need: or any resistance band

Go into the P.stance.
Walk the right foot back, rotating toes internally and raising the heel off the floor.
When the ball of the foot lands, squeeze and flex the back glute.
Use standing leg to bring leg back into P.stance, keeping resistance.

Move #5: Abs and outer thighsWhat you’ll need: P.3 trainer band or any resistance band; mat

Start with left knee on the mat, right leg extended out.
Tap the right toe directly to the side, and reach out with the left hand, stretching out the P.3 band.
Lift the right leg up, balancing on your left knee.
Hold the leg up and then slowly bring it down.
Repeat, then alternate legs.

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