Martha Stewart is a little salty that ‘Queer Eye’s’ Antoni Porowski didn’t tag her on Instagram


Nathan Congleton/NBC(NEW YORK) — Word of advice: if you are ever lucky enough to be invited to Martha Stewart’s house, be sure you tag her when you post the evidence to Instagram.  Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski found that out in the most hilarious way.

Over the weekend, the cooking mogul hosted a fabulous Christmas party in which Antoni attended.  However, when he wrote about it on Instagram, he forgot something seemingly important.  He didn’t tag his gracious host. 

“Socializing at Christmas parties,” he simply captioned on Monday for a photo of him petting a black horse.

He also uploaded another photo, which showed him cuddling with two French bulldogs and an extremely fluffy Chow Chow, with the caption, “with my clique at the Christmas party.”

Martha, obviously, felt very left out. 

“Dear Antoni,” She briskly left in the comment section, “You did not tag me on this photo of my stable nor the photo of my beautiful dogs Han, Qin, Bete Noir, and Creme Brulee.”

She then turned the guilt trip up to 100 by dramatically revealing, “We are bummed about that because you have so many followers and you [ate] my Christmas cookies!!!!”  She then added mysteriously, “You were nice not to post the forbidden scenes and we thank you!!!”

Obviously, the guilt trip worked as Antoni quickly rectified the situation and tagged Martha in both posts.  He then apologized to the entrepreneur in a subsequent Instagram Story, writing “Apologies for not respectfully mentioning dear doggos Empress Chin, Emperor Han, Bête Noire, and cuddle monster Créme Brûlée. They deserve recognition.”

He then buttered her up by adding, “also I rewatch[ed] your cabbage roll demo with your dear mum Mrs. Kostyra more often than I care to admit.”

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