ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) — A powerful snowstorm brought thousands of motorists to a standstill in Bakersfield, California over the weekend.  One of those stranded due to the numerous road closures was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom.

Bloom, who is seven months pregnant, was also stranded with her husband Dan Gregor.  The two were staring down the real possibility of spending the night in their car, so Bloom made a desperate plea to her fans.

She tweeted just after midnight on Friday “Hi. My husband and I are stranded in Bakersfield. Does…anyone have a place we could sleep?”  She quickly elaborated, “We are stranded here or theoretically north of here (every highway going south is closed) and every hotel that’s open is at least a 2 hour drive away and we’re about to just sleep in our car.”

Thankfully, a local couple caught wind of Bloom’s plight and offered not only a bed, but several other perks for spending the night, as well.  “We have a spare bedroom in Bakersfield! Lots of doggies and cats, and a chocolate mousse pie ready for tomorrow AM,” fan Kate Brogden tweeted back, much to the stranded couple’s delight who then happily accepted the offer.

The following morning, Bloom sweetly thanked Kate and her boyfriend Steve for offering her a warm bed.  “We cannot thank them enough,” she gushed on Instagram, recounting the night’s events as “a true Christmas miracle” before sweetly finishing, “the kindness of strangers is not dead.  It’s really wonderful.”

She also offered Kate and Steve’s family a hilarious form of thanks in the caption, “You gave shelter to a pregnant lady wandering from inn to inn last night. When my child is born as the inevitable Messiah, you will all be honored with golden steeds and flaming swords.”

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