Even washing machines are making use of artificial intelligence


iStock/mediagfx(LAS VEGAS) — CES, the annual technology show that attracts brands like Samsung, Audi, and even Weber Grills, is set to officially start tomorrow in Las Vegas. Organizers say artificial intelligence is one of the main themes this year.Many of the companies in attendence say their gadgets will going to make your life easier- they’ll feed your pets, or even make you a cocktail.  At LG, they’re taking the guesswork out of what settings to use when you do your laundry. Brandt Varner is head of home appliances at LG.

“With AI they also identify the types of fabric used in each load with advanced sensors and big data.”No longer do you have to select a setting for clothes – the brains in the washers will do it for you.  The company says the machine can even detect items that require special washing, like jeans. They claim it will substantially cut down on wear and tear on clothes. 

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