Boren Releases Donations Amid Investigation


(Norman, OK) David Boren surprises many by disclosing how much money he and his wife donated to the University of Oklahoma over his 24 years as university president.

The figure is right around 1.8 million dollars, according to the report, 800,000 dollars was signed over from his salary, roughly 319,000 from gifts and 924,000 as a result of foundations and corporations where Boren was a board member.

“This quiet generosity of the Borens deserves comment in light of the spiteful harangue from Mr. Boren’s successor that unleashed a costly investigation — in dollars and personal anguish — which we pray will soon be over,” per his attorney, Clark Brewster.

The release of this information comes just as the OSBI is wrapping up their investigation in to alleged sexual harassment caused by Boren.