Biden launches final ad in Iowa ahead of caucuses


ABC(WASHINGTON) — Former Vice President Biden is launching his final ad in Iowa with less than a week to go to the caucuses.“Imagine,” the campaign’s eight individual ad in Iowa, is a 30 second ad narrated by Biden, and focuses on issues he hopes to make progress on in his administration.“Imagine all the progress we can make in the next four years. Imagine a country where affordable healthcare is a right. A world where America leads on climate change. Imagine a president who stands up to the NRA and gets assault weapons out of our schools. What we imagine today you can make reality. But first we have to beat Donald Trump. Then there can be no limit to what we can do,” Biden says in the ad.The campaign will also continue to run their ad, “Threat” which posits that “now is not the time to take a risk,” referring to the 2020 election.The Biden campaign says they’re the running two TV spots in the top five Iowa markets and statewide on Hulu to make the case for why Joe Biden is best positioned to defeat Donald Trump and the progress he can make as president.In addition to these broadcast ads, the campaign will also run an online ad featuring Jill Biden giving part of her stump speech, imagining a world where the headlines about the president don’t involve the latest tweet storm.“Imagine waking up and the news isn’t about a late-night tweet storm, and when they show the president, you don’t turn the channel…Because it is someone who can bring this country together. That’s my husband, Joe Biden.” Dr. Biden says in the ad. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.