UK police probe Brexit posters demanding apartment block residents only speak English


narvikk/iStock(LONDON) — British police are investigating posters that were placed in an apartment building over the weekend which warned residents that its unnamed author would not tolerate languages other than English being spoken in the building. Multiple copies of the poster were posted in the Winchester Towers apartment complex in Norwich on Friday, the day that Britain officially left the European Union after three-and-a-half years of contentious and divisive debate. Images of the poster quickly went viral on social media. The poster read: “As we finally have our great country back we feel there is one rule to that needs to be made clear to Winchester Tower residents. “We do not tolerate people speaking other languages than English in the flats. “We are now our own country again and the Queen’s English is the spoken tongue here.”If you do want to speak whatever is the mother tongue of the country you came from then we suggest you return to that place and return your flat to the council so they can let British people live here and we can return to what was normality before you infected this once great island. “It’s a simple choice obey the rule of the majority or leave. “You won’t have long till our government will implement rules that will put British first. So best evolve or leave. God save the Queen, her government, and all true patriots.”Norfolk police confirmed to ABC News that the posters had been reported to them on Feb 1., and that they were investigating the matter “as a racially aggravated public order incident.” “There is no place in society for hatred and intolerance. Nobody should have to face intimidation because of who they are and it is more important than ever that we stand together in the face of hostility. We remain committed to helping people feel safe and secure as they go about their lives,” a Norfolk police spokeswoman said in a statement.In addition to the police response, local residents have taken matters into their own hands. Photos shared on social media showed that messages of support had been posted on the wall of the building’s lobby. They included heart-shaped cards saying “spread love” and “Everyone welcome in Norwich.”Building residents also gathered outside the apartment complex on Sunday to protest the sentiments expressed in the posters. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.