The news we have all been waiting for. Baseball is back. Yell it from the top of the rooftop with me, won’t you? “BASEBALL IS BACK!”

Live sports, baseball will return to David Allen Memorial Ballpark in Enid this Monday, June 1.

The Enid Plainsmen coached by Brad Gore and the Enid Majors coached by Kris Webb are both eager to get back onto the field and coach their respected teams.

Their seasons begin with the first round of baseball taking place on Monday with the Oklahoma Shootout. Seven teams are slated to take place in this round robin style tournament. It will run through Thursday.

The first game that will take place at David Allen on Monday will be between the OK Drillers 17 and the OK Mudcats. First pitch is set for 2:30 p.m.

The Enid Majors will be the first team to play between the Majors and Plainsmen. Kris Webb will manage his first game for the Majors at 5 p.m. They will take on Weatherford.

Following the Majors in action will be the Enid Plainsmen taking on the OKC Bronchos at 7:30 p.m.

For safety protocols, hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the ballpark and players are not allowed to bring water jugs.

All 11 games are free and open to the public.

Here is the entire schedule: 

June 1
2:30 pm   OK Drillers 17 vs OK Mudcats
5:00 pm   Enid Majors vs Weatherford
7:30 pm   Enid Plainsmen vs OKC Bronchos

June 2
2:00 pm   Weatherford vs OKC Bronchos
4:30 pm   Enid Plainsmen vs OK Drillers 17
7:00 pm   Enid Majors vs OK Mudcats

June 3
12:00 pm Enid Majors vs OKC Bronchos
2:30 pm   Woodward 18 vs Weatherford
5:00 pm   Enid Plainsmen vs OK Mudcats

June 4
5:00 pm   Enid Plainsmen vs Woodward 18
7:30 pm   Enid Majors vs Woodward 18