(Oklahoma City, OK) Oklahoma Gas and Electric look to resume disconnecting customers who don’t pay their bills the company announced Wednesday.

After agreeing to suspend that activity at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, OG&E will allow customers who are behind on bills to pay off their debts without losing their service without late fees.

Brian Alfrod, a spokesman for OG&E stated the utility estimates 25,000 customers are behind on their bills due to the pandemic.

A six-month installment plan is available as well as a switch to an account over to the utility’s Average Monthly Billing plan which will calculate a monthly bill based on a customer’s average usage over a 12-month period.

OG&E officials said customers who are current in their bills, meanwhile, can take advantage of other programs offered by the utility to help them lower their energy costs.

Under the utility’s Guaranteed Flat Bill program, a customer and the utility agree on a flat monthly price for service that covers an entire year. The bill is the same regardless of usage, and customers aren’t liable for any overages during the term.

Customers can also enroll in OG&E’s SmartHours program. That offering, effective from June 1 through Sept. 30 annually, gives customers a price break on electricity they use during off-peak hours during the week and throughout weekends. On average, enrolled customers have saved more than $150 during a typical summer, officials said.