Wanna be a V.I.P. (Visually Impactful Person)? Try these Zoom tips from a pro



(LOS ANGELES) — Ever been on a Zoom meeting and been distracted by what’s behind the person you’re talking to — or you can’t see them because they’re sitting in the dark?  In today’s COVID-19 world, we all need help presenting ourselves better on camera…and Suzanne Sena can help.

A broadcaster, actress, media trainer and “confidence coach,” Sena is now training people on how to be V.I.P.s — visually impactful person — on Zoom and video calls, offering tips  on how to come across professionally.

“The concept is really that everyone has to now be a broadcaster,” she tells ABC Audio. “It doesn’t matter if you studied to be an engineer or if you’re a salesperson: ‘Hello, camera!’ We’re all here now.”

Among her tips: Watch those backgrounds.

“[Some people]…put a virtual background in…but all those things are subject to kinda crazy, distracting things,” she says. “Y’know, you’ve seen a virtual background, somebody on a beach, and all of a sudden they move their arm and their arm disappears!”

Blank white walls aren’t much better, says Sena.

“There are people who have the white background, but then they put, like, one photo, one piece of art, and then it’s coming out of their head!” she notes.

Bookshelves? Think again.

“Some people sit in front of bookshelves, but if it’s readable, then we’re paying attention to what the book titles are,” Senna explains. “The main objective is that you want wherever you’re sitting to compliment you. You want to be able to be seen and you want to keep people’s attention.”

And finally, don’t forget the lighting.

“People need to realize this is not about vanity,” she laughs. “It’s about seeing you as lifelike as I would if I were right there. And you’re not going have a meeting with the lights off!”  

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