State Gains Almost 3k More Cases of COVID-19, Garfield County Sees 49

(Enid, OK) Oklahoma gained 2,736 COVID-19 cases, 49 of them in Garfield County — and 15 more deaths, including a Wakita woman, were reported Tuesday by Oklahoma State Department of Health.

There have been 1,664 Oklahomans who have died due to COVID-19 or from complications of the virus, according to OSDH. At least 33 of the reported deaths have been in Garfield County.

Deaths reported on Tuesday were 11 in the 65 and older age group consisting of two women and one man from Cleveland County, two Washington County men, women from Kay, Grady, Grant and Tulsa counties and men from Oklahoma and Jackson counties, according to OSDH. Other deaths reported were a Comanche County man and a man and woman from Jackson County, all in the 50-60 age group, and a Cleveland County man in the 36-49 age group.

Other county case increases in Northwest Oklahoma also included 57 in Woods, 42 in Alfalfa, 26 in Noble, 16 in Major, nine in Blaine, eight in Kingfisher, seven in Woodward and two in Grant, according to OSDH.