“Promising Young Woman” is a story of revenge says director Emerald Fennel


(LOS ANGELES) — The new movie Promising Young Woman is all about believing women. The dark, comedic drama, out Christmas Day, stars Carey Mulligan as a woman looking for revenge after a sexual assault, and it’s winning rave reviews for writer and director Emerald Fennell, who tells ABC Audio the idea for the film started with a simple word – revenge.

“I wanted to write a revenge movie that felt, you know, female led revenge movie that felt kind of closer to what I expect a kind of woman might do if she wanted to get revenge,” says Fennell, who many may know for playing Camilla Parker-Bowles on The Crown.

Revenge aside, Promising Young Woman also shines a light on the movement to believe women which is something that Mulligan admits has progressed but more still needs to be done.

“This is such a seismic shift that will ultimately need to happen, but for sure things are moving. These conversations are public,” she explains. “People are speaking out, and it’s astonishing to witness people’s bravery.”

The English actress adds that in the wake of the “Me Too” movement films like Promising Young Woman can help push the movement forward. 

“The more kind of concrete stuff that can get put in place, the better,” Mulligan says. “But that’s talking in a very sort of narrow world view of just my my industry. But in the broader scheme of things, I do think that art contributes to that conversation, which is why what Emerald’s made, I think, will ultimately be really important because it will continue that conversation.” 

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