Jessie J says she was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease on Christmas Eve

By ANDREA TUCCILLO, ABC News(NEW YORK) — Singer Jessie J is opening up about a health scare she had on Christmas Eve.The singer, whose given name is Jessica Cornish, said over the weekend that she spent time in the hospital with Meniere’s disease, an inner ear condition that, according to the Mayo Clinic, can cause vertigo and hearing loss.“I woke up and felt like I was completely deaf in my right ear, couldn’t walk in a straight line,” Cornish said in her Instagram Stories. “Basically I got told I had Meniere’s syndrome.”“I know that a lot of people suffer from it, and I’ve actually had a lot of people reach out to me and give me great advice, so I’ve just been laying low in silence,” she continued. “Now’s the first time I’ve been able to sing and bear it. I just miss singing so much and being around anyone.”Cornish, 32, added that it could’ve been worse and she’s “super grateful” for her health. In another Instagram post, she described how she’s coping with the disease, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is considered to be a chronic condition.“I am now watching ‘Queen’s Gambit’ with my finger in my ear,” she said. “I’ve done the first episode four times because I [have] zero focus and my ear sounds like someone crawled in and turned a hairdryer on.”She concluded by sending love to her fans and encouraged them to stay positive this holiday season.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.