Britney Spears’ team speaks out after fans claim she doesn’t run her own Instagram


Britney Spears‘ digital team is clearing the air after fans expressed concern that the “Toxic” singer doesn’t run her own Instagram account.

Spears’ social media habits have come into question in the aftermath of her ongoing conservatorship battle.  The #FreeBritney crowd singled out CrowdSurf, Spears’ digital team, and accused the company of taking over the singer’s social media.

On Tuesday, CrowdSurf co-founder Cassie Petrey addressed the “conspiracy theories” and assured fans that everything Britney posts is 100 percent hers.

“Britney creates her own posts and writes her own captions for Instagram.  She finds the google images, pinterest images, quotes memes, and everything herself.  Nobody is suggesting any of that stuff to her,” explained Petrey via Instagram.  She also added the Grammy winner edits her own videos, too.

“If a video she sends in is edited by her social media team, it’s because she gave specific instructions and asked for it to be edited that way,” the rep continued. “She has a team to help strategize, like any major celebrity generally does at this point in her career.  Almost every person has a social media team – just like they have a manager, publicist, record label, etc.”

Petrey also addressed the #FreeBritney movement by stating, “Britney is not ‘asking for help’ or leaving secret messages in her social media.  She is literally just living her life and trying to have fun on Instagram.”

“My work on Britney’s social media does not involve her conservatorship in any way.  That’s a court and lawyer thing,” she added.  “These are facts.  Not the current fiction, assumptions, and exaggerations that are currently circulating.”

Petrey ended with some advice to fans who are concerned about Spears, saying, “The best thing you can do for her is just be nice.  That’s all she really wants.”

By Megan Stone
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