Taylor Swift releases “ladies lunching” chapter of ‘evermore’/’folklore’


Taylor Swift‘s crusade to mix and match all songs on her two albums evermore and folklore thematically continues.

She’s just released her latest “chapter” — a playlist that groups together various songs from both albums.  It’s called “ladies lunching,” and Taylor explains, “In my mind all of the evermore and folklore album ladies are a part of the same universe, so I put them in a playlist together.”

They playlist includes all the tracks from both albums that are named after specific women — “betty,” “dorothea” and “marjorie” — as well as “august,” which is about the woman who had an affair with James, the male character in the songs “betty” and “cardigan.” Also included is “no body no crime,” which tells the story of the doomed Este. 

Rounding out the playlist is “right where you left me,” which describes a woman who’s frozen in time at the same restaurant table where her lover broke up with her, unable to move on.

Surprisingly, the list doesn’t include folklore’s “the last great american dynasty,” which tells the story of Rebekah Harkness, the real-life woman who used to live in Taylor’s Rhode Island mansion.

By Andrea Dresdale
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