Tony Romo On Super Bowl LV Matchup: Patrick Mahomes Has ‘Rare Ability’ To Challenge Tom Brady As ‘Greatest Of All Time’


(CBSDFW.COM) – Super Bowl LV will be on CBS 11 this Sunday, and CBS 11 Sports’ Bill Jones had the opportunity to chat with NFL on CBS analyst Tony Romo about the game he will be calling.

It’s the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but all eyes will be on the matchup between quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. Romo described that matchup as “generation versus generation.”

At just 25 years old, Mahomes will be playing in his second Super Bowl after winning last year’s championship. Many question if he will be able to one day pass Brady, who is going for his seventh Super Bowl win, on the greatest of all time list.

“Patrick Mahomes is absolutely the only guy who can challenge Brady’s greatest of all time, the GOAT,” Romo told Bill Jones. “Patrick has the ability to possibly climb that ladder and be there one day. Tom Brady has set the bar so high, it’s almost impossible to achieve, but Patrick Mahomes has the rare ability to do it. And now we are going to watch them play in a [championship] game. Patrick Mahomes has to win this game to have a chance to be the greatest of all time.”

Romo also compared the Mahomes/Brady matchup to other great sports figures.

“It’s like Tiger [Woods] when he came out in golf. He challenged all of Jack Nicklaus’ records right away cause he was that special and gifted. He could win championships at a young age. You see very quickly, well this is THE guy… But what happens if they played against each other in the Masters? When Jack Nicklaus could win and Tiger Woods could win,” Romo said. “It’s just the rare time in sports you get generational talents coming together for the championship. Just doesn’t happen. It’s LeBron versus Jordan. It just doesn’t happen.”

“You know who wins here? All of us watching,” he added.

Romo when on to talk about the Dallas Cowboys, his former team, and what their priorities should be in the offseason. He also discusses the retirement of his friend, future Hall of Fame tight end Jason Witten. This interview took place before Witten was announced as the head football coach of Liberty Christian School in Argyle, Texas.

You can watch the entire interview with Romo in the video player above.