Blake Shelton On Gwen Stefani: Being Together ‘Completes The Journey For Us’


Blake Shelton has found his forever Valentine in Gwen Stefani. While the two come from very different backgrounds and lifestyles, Blake tells us that when they come together it just works. [“She comes to Oklahoma, and it’s not like this now, but at first, she had to have felt like ‘where am I? What is this place?’ This is not how she grew up, and the same with me. I’d go to LA and it’s like ‘What is this place? How do I fit in here?’ And I would still feel that way if she wasn’t there. You know, and I think the same thing with her for when she comes to Oklahoma, it’s just that’s what completes the journey for us…it’s just as long as we’re together, it really doesn’t matter.”] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . really doesn't matter.)

The couple got engaged last year after five years of dating but have not yet announced a wedding date.

Blake's latest single, "Minimum Wage," is making its climb up the charts. The song's video will be released today (Friday, Feb. 12th) at 10 a.m. CT.

Blake Shelton On Gwen Stefani Completing His Journey :