See Adam Levine drive through a sky full of donuts in Maroon 5’s “Beautiful Mistakes” video


Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine and rapper Megan Thee Stallion meet in the skies over Los Angeles and share some donuts in the surreal new video for the new single “Beautiful Mistakes.”

The clip starts with Adam walking down a Los Angeles street looking forlorn. He gets into a retro convertible with leopard seats and starts driving, then sees a unicorn fly across the sky and a giant billboard with a glowing pink donut that says “It’s beautiful/it’s bittersweet.”

Then everything gets really weird: The colors turn super-saturated, palm trees get knocked down and Adam’s car takes off and starts flying around LA, visiting local landmarks like the Hollywood sign

Then, Adam notices another car flying above him: It’s Megan, who delivers her verse while standing in her front seat, before she jumps out of her car and lands in the back seat of Adam’s car, continuing to rap about how she was the best he’s ever had and the “best you gon’ get.”

While flying through the giant donut on top of LA’s famed Randy’s Donuts bakery, we see Megan is holding some kind of magical donut herself.  As she waves it, the entire sky fills with multicolored donuts of all colors, shapes and sizes.  The clip ends with Adam and Megan touching two magical glowing donuts together, as though they’re toasting each other.

Mmmm…magical glowing donuts.

By Andrea Dresdale
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