McCartney News Roundup

  • To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Paul & Linda McCartney’s 1971 classic Ram, the album will be reissued May 14th as a limited edition half-speed mastered vinyl pressing. Ram, which was released on May 17th, 1971, peaked at Number Two in the U.S., was the first solo Beatles album recorded in New York City. (Press release)


  • Paul McCartney answered fans question on his official website ( as part of his ongoing "You Gave Me The Answer" Q & A section. He was asked about whether he's ever considered writing again for other artists — like he did back in the 1960's for Mary Hopkin, Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas, and Peter & Gordon, among others.
  • McCartney said, "The truth is that I have been doing that with two big projects that I have on: with the animation feature film High In The Clouds, which is in production, and with the musical It’s A Wonderful Life. I’ve demoed songs for both those projects, but they won’t be sung by me. Maybe they’ll find a way to work in my version in the end credits, or something, but generally it’ll be the characters in the plays and films performing those songs. So, whoever plays George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life will sing the songs I’ve written for him. So, that’s kind of my modern equivalent of writing for Billy J. Kramer or for Peter & Gordon. . . but it’s morphed into more than that. I’m writing a lot of songs for each project which are all going to be sung by lots of different people. I can’t wait to hear that!"


  • James Corden shed light on Paul McCartney's historic 2018 "Carpool Karaoke" appearance on CBS' The Late Late Show, revealing that the former-Beatle got cold feet prior to the shoot. Corden admitted he strong-armed "Macca" into appearing, explaining how much of the show's budget had been allocated to scouting the scenes around Liverpool and how the show couldn't take a financial loss like that without a finished product.
  • He went on to say that McCartney was particularly hesitant to return to his childhood home: "He said, 'I don't want to go into my house. . . I haven't been there since I left. I feel uncomfortable with it. I just don't want to do it.' And I went, 'Paul your only day's work today is to have a great time. That's all that's expected of you is to have a blast. And if you have a great time, this is going to work so don't stress about anything.'" (People)


  • Coming soon from Genesis publications is Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool. The new photo book by Paul McCartney’s younger brother, will be published in September with a limited edition run of only 2,000 copies worldwide, each signed by Mike McCartney. Collector copies are numbered 351 to 2,000, signed by Mike McCartney and include a stamped 8-by-10 print.
  • Last year, the book's announcement made headlines when a previously unseen photo of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison from March 8th, 1958 was published as a teaser. (Press release)