Watch Katy Perry make tiny vegan apple cider donuts


It’s the cooking video you didn’t know you needed: Katy Perry making tiny vegan apple cider donuts.

In a new episode of Tastemade’s Tiny Talk YouTube series, in which celebrities cook miniatures dishes and answer food-related questions, Katy whips up the doll-sized dessert using the tiniest amount of ingredients including her longtime favorite Bragg apple cider vinegar.

While she cooks, she talks about how her mom raised her to eat healthy and organic, which meant her school lunches were never that exciting.

“On a good day we had one of those oat and honey bars, but that was like wild,” she recalls. “And all my friends they had Dunkaroos and Gushers and I could never trade s***. It was all about trading at school and I had nothing to trade.”

Katy also talks about her baby daughter Daisy’s favorite foods, revealing that she’s now trying solid foods like peas, carrots, squash and oatmeal.

At the end of the video, Katy glazes her tiny donuts before giving them a taste.

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