“Chillin’ It” on a “Single Saturday Night”? Cole Swindell says it’s pure summertime fun


As a bachelor, Cole Swindell knows a thing or two about a “Single Saturday Night.” And while his latest hit is one of the rare ones he didn’t write, the Georgia native believes it has a lot in common with his self-penned debut single, the song that became his first number one.

 “‘Chillin’ It’ is kinda what got me started,” Cole looks back. “And it was a little different, and I think it just caught people’s ears and made ’em want to roll the windows down, and turn it up.”

“And that’s kinda how I got introduced to everything,” he continues. “And then having the platform I did, I got to release more songs, got into the serious side, [and got to] show different sides of me.”

“And even though this one to me is just a jam,” he says of his current single, “it’s a feel-good song, but it’s well-written and it’s something that is somewhere I’m at. I’m still out, you know [on a ‘Single Saturday Night’], [but] hopefully settling down some day.”

The “You Should Be Here” hitmaker believes “Chillin’ It” and “Single Saturday Night” share a similar sense of fun — and that’s something we all need as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.

“It’s a summer song, and just after all, you know, this year, I just wanted to put out something happy and fun and kinda get back to what got me here,” Cole says. “For now, I just think that this is the one that I couldn’t quit listening to over and over and over.”

“And that’s what I wanted the fans to have this summer,” he adds.

“Single Saturday Night” is likely the lead single from Cole’s next album, the follow-up to 2018’s All of It.

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