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Quick Takes: Ringo Starr, Graham Nash, Skid Row, Brian Setzer, Joan Jett

  • Ringo Starr has dropped his legal suit against the makers of a sex toy called, a “Ring O.” The former-Beatle engaged in legal action against the manufacturers, citing the device was “too similar to his name and might cause confusion.” In Ringo's 2019 legal filing, his attorney's asserted: “Consumers will likely believe that Opposer's (Starr's) newest venture is sex toys — and this is an association that Opposer does not want.”
  • According to the settlement, Pacific Holdings and Momentum Management have agreed to, “only use the name for adult sex aids and desensitizing sprays, and must have a space between the 'Ring' and the 'O.'” They have also pledged not to, “'degrade, tarnish or deprecate or disparage” Starr's name or image. They also said they, “wouldn't make any reference or innuendo associating the product with Starr, or give the impression that he's associated with it.” (BBC.com)
  • Out now is Graham Nash's children's book based on his Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young classic, “Our House.” The book, which contains a newly recorded version of the tune by Nash, is illustrated with 30 original works by renowned art director, graphic designer, and illustrator Hugh Syme. (Press release)
  • Former-Skid Row frontman Johnny Solinger died of liver failure at the age of 55. Solinger, who replaced the band's iconic frontman Sebastian Bach back in 1999, stayed with the band through 2015. Solinger was featured on the 2003 Thickskin and 2006 Revolutions Per Minute albums, as well as the 2013 and '14 EP's United World Rebellion – Volumes One and Two and Rise Of The Damnation Army. (Blabbermouth)
  • On August 27th, Stray Cats co-founder Brian Setzer will release his first new solo set in seven years, titled, Gotta Have The Rumble. Setzer said in the album's announcement: “I still have the same passion for going fast and adrenaline. But it's also about my hearing problem with tinnitus — the ringing of the ear. It was pretty bad, and I realized that I couldn’t play the way I wanted to. As I recovered, standing in front of a small amplifier just didn’t cut it. The sound from my big amp makes the guitar rumble. Which is a big part of my sound. I was really despondent for a while because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do that again. So, Gotta Have The Rumble refers to both of those things.” (Press release)
  • Joan Jett tweeted that she and longtime Blackhearts producer Kenny Laguna have produced the upcoming album by the 83-year-old Wanda Jackson — known as the “Queen Of Rockabilly.” The new set, titled, Encore, drops on August 20th and features backing by the Blackhearts along with guest duets with Jett, Elle King, Angaleena Presley of Pistol Annies, and Candi Carpenter. (Ultimate Classic Rock)