Frisco Centennial High Football Players Step Up To Support Those Affected By Hurricane Ida

COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) — Hurricane Ida was the latest mass reminder of how things can change instantly. It was a reminder that hit close to home with the Frisco Centennial football team.

Senior quarterback Tyler Rich remembered that he, “…went to school and got to talking about it with my friend Cannon and told him my cousin’s house got destroyed by a tree.”

Rich could only think of helping those who suffered devastating losses in Louisiana — including his cousins. Naturally, the first person he turned to was his senior receiver Cannon Green. After all, they’ve been best friends since they were little kids.

Green said, “I told my dad we should try to do something. Community service doesn’t have to be about helping just your community of Frisco. You can help anybody anywhere.”

From there, the two families came up with the ultimate game plan. “We put together a campaign drive to collect anything you needed to be forced out of your home. Anything you could think of if you’ve been left with no electricity running water or anything,” said Cannon’s father, Derek Green.

(credit: Keith Russell/CBS 11 Sports)

Through the generosity of others, the teens were able to fill an entire U-Haul and multiple SUVs and make the special delivery on September 11th of all days.

Tyler’s father, Carl Rich, said. “You had people directly affected in that area. They helped us set up and distribute to their own neighbors. Tragedy brings out the best in people and there’s still good people in this world.”

Those good people include two Frisco Centennial football players who have already learned the lesson of how precious life is. Tyler Rich explained it like this — “things happen all the time, but you gotta be thankful for what you have. You can lose it at anytime.”

Cannon Green followed that with a simple fact, saying, “There’s always somebody to help in someway.”