Maren Morris feels propelled by the success of “The Bones” as she readies her “left turn,” “rootsy” next record


Think Maren Morris’ next studio project will follow in the same pop-leaning direction as her massive cross-genre hit “The Bones”? Think again, the singer says.

“This album is quite a left turn for me,” she explains. “And it’s very country, organic. Not a lot of production going on tracks. It’s not overly polished. It’s very rootsy.”

Following the success of her stand-out Girl album from 2019, and in particular, her success with “The Bones,” Maren acknowledges that she could have felt pressure to pursue her poppier side in her next project. But that’s not what happened, she goes on to say.

“I could have buckled and just felt pigeonholed by a very pop-sounding song like ‘The Bones,’ and what it achieved, but I actually felt the opposite,” the singer reflects. “I felt freedom, like I could do anything or go anywhere after that song.”

Plus, Maren says she’s finding a lot of joy in her next body of work.

“It’s a very happy record for me,” she adds.

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