Carrie Underwood makes surprise appearance on ’Cobra Kai’


Carrie Underwood fans watching season four of Cobra Kai got a surprise when the new episodes dropped on New Years Eve. 

In episode nine of the Netflix series, the country superstar makes a guest appearance at the All-Valley Karate Championship, where all the loco dojos are competing. She performs a rendition of Survivor‘s “The Moment of Truth” that is featured in the original Karate Kid film. 

Carrie made her love for the show known in August 2020 in a series of tweets, writing, “Just started watching #kobraKai on Netflix. Ummmm…it’s kinda awesome!” Carrie quickly acknowledged that she spelled the title wrong, which led to a Twitter thread with some of the cast, including the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, his series co-star, William Zabka, and one of the show’s creators, Jon Hurwitz.  

Jacob Bertrand, who stars as “Hawk” in the Netflix show, says the cast found out days before that Carrie would be making an appearance. 

“The writers were trying to think of people that they could have on to do the concert for the All-Valley and remembered that she’s a mega-fan of the show. They offered it to her and she was like, ‘Yes, of course I will. I would totally do it.’ That was really sweet of her,” Jacob tells People

“We knew a couple of days before when we read the script, but other than that, it was a complete shock to everybody. The background [actors] had no idea and they were freaking out when she came on,” he continues, describing the singer as “the nicest lady ever. …And she fricking killed it on the day. My God, she was belting.”

The night of the season premiere, Carrie donned an Eagle Fang Karate jacket that she got from the set. 

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