Side step, right-left, to my ink: BTS’ V hints the band will get matching tattoos


The boys of BTS are a tight-knit group, but their bond might become even more intense after teased they’re all thinking of getting matching tattoos.

Teen Vogue reports the tattoos would celebrate the Grammy nominees’ long-lasting friendship, which is over a decade old.  While BTS was signed in 2013, they first formed in 2010 when they were in their early to mid-teens.

V was chatting with fans on the Korean messaging app Weverse and began talking about matching tattoos.  Translated from Korean, he explained, “The members and I always talk about getting a friendship tattoo.  We’re going to get a friendship tattoo at some point, please await it.”  He also revealed Suga was first to suggest the idea.

While he didn’t reveal anything about a possible design or theme, he did include a tiger emoji, which could be a reference to their webcomic 7Fates: CHAKHO.  The story is set in Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, which lasted from the late 1300s to late 1800s, and follows seven tiger hunters based on the BTS members, who are bound by fate to track down an elusive tiger.

Fans also pressed V over where the “Butter” singers would get their matching tattoos, and he remarked he will put his “somewhere you can’t see it.”  

Several BTS members already have tattoos, with Jimin adding more to his ink collection all the time, while Jungkook opted to get a sleeve on his right arm.

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