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Enid City Mayor Board of Commissioners Approves Sale of Downtown Great Plains Bank Building for $275,000

Last night Enid held its Mayor and Board of Commissioners meeting, during the meeting the sale of the downtown Great Plains bank building was sold to James S. Bryant for $275,000. The building has been a source of controversy since the building was 1st purchased. Per Enid News and Eagle, the building was originally purchased by the city of Enid for $250,000 in 2020.

However, the city did not have any concrete plans in place for the building when it was purchased launching a debate over what the building should be used for. Some sides also argued that the building never should have been purchased in the 1st place and should be sold. While others wanted the building to be used for non-profits or afterschool programs.

The issue came to a head when a vote was to be held at the April 5th Mayor and Board of Commissioners meeting on whether or not to award Alva Roofing Company with a contract to repair the roof for $255,850.00. Ward 4 Commissioner Whitney Roberts and Ward 5 Commissioner Rob Stallings tabled the proposal to a future meeting.

While Roberts stated that her intention was to sell the building.