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ERDA Executive Director Lisa Murkowski Reveals that Retail Developers are back at the Negotiating Table Following Covid-19 Pandemic

Enid Regional Development Alliance Director Lisa Murkowski has revealed that retail developers are back at the negotiating table following the Covid-19 pandemic. Murkowski revealed that discussions were ongoing with retail and entertainment developers until the start of the pandemic threw a wrench into any plans.

Murkowski said “Movie, entertainment, and other retail development they have resurfaced in the last few months coming out of COVID they were all at the table in early 2020, and then with the pandemic financing for a lot of those types of efforts dried up”.

Murkowski said, “They have been back at the table now and we’re working with a couple of developers and now the headwinds are inflation and supply chain challenges with construction material”.

So while retail developers seem to be more willing to bring businesses to the Enid area than they were during COVID, challenges still lay ahead.