“First Class” chicken: Jack Harlow debuts his own signature meal at KFC


In December, Kentucky native Jack Harlow announced he was partnering with KFC, and now the next step in that partnership has been revealed: The Jack Harlow Meal will debut at KFC restaurants nationwide on Monday, June 6.

Also available via the KFC mobile app and KFC.com, the Jack Harlow Meal, curated by the rapper himself, features the KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Mac & Cheese, Secret Recipe Fries, a side of ranch, and a cold lemonade. 

Jack, who says he’s having a “super blessed summer,” says “it doesn’t get much better” than the meal, which he says combines his childhood favorites with his new go-to menu items.

On Saturday, the KFC located at 2637 Cobb Pkwy SE in Smyrna, GA is converting itself into “Jack’s Meal HQ,” where fans can be among the first to try the new meal and listen to Jack’s new album via a KFC x Jack Harlow bucket speaker. 

Naturally, there’s also a line of co-branded merch to go with the meal, which you can find out about via the KFC app. Jack is starring in a new KFC commercial as well.

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