Chad Smith Calls New Red Hot Chili Peppers Single ‘A Nice Gumbo’


Chad Smith feels that the Red Hot Chili Peppers' latest single “Tippa My Tongue” has a sound firmly planted in the band's past while breaking new ground for the future.

We caught up with the legendary drummer and he shed light on what he loves about the new track, which serves as the teaser to the band's upcoming double album, Return Of The Dream Canteen, which drops on October 14th: “It's a familiar sound. To me, it's got bunch of hooks in it, y'know? And it's funk — it's got P-Fuck in it, it's got. . . I hear George (Clinton) in it and some (Jimi) Hendrix-y-kinda licks and it's a nice gumbo, y'know? And I thought it would be a good one that would be the first one to come out from that record and there's a lot of different thongs in there on that record. But yeah, that sounds like us — but new, and I think that's cool.”