Quickies: BLACKPINK, Gloria Estefan

For the first time ever, BLACKPINK can now boast of a top 10 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart. Their new single, “Pink Venom” launched at #9. The South Korean group is also, for the first time, celebrating a #1 on the Billboard Global chart.

Gloria Estefan is now a Barbie doll. Mattel launched the sales on September 1, which was her 65th birthday. In an interview with People.com, Estefan described herself as “overjoyed.” She said, “I've gotten every award that you could possibly imagine. But somehow this was so incredibly special for me, maybe because I played with Barbie since I was a kid.” The announcement comes just ahead of Hispanic Heritage Month. Estefan is known for the celebration of her Cuban roots in her music and says it's always important to embrace where you're from. The Gloria Estefan Barbie sells for $50.