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Oklahoma Nears $1 Billion Total in Opioid Settlements

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor has announced that the state of Oklahoma is nearing a total of 1 billion dollars in Opioid settlements after 4 new settlements were announced. That figure is the total number Oklahoma has received in all of its Opioid litigation.

O’Connor announced that the 4 new settlements are $79.5 million from Walgreens, $73 million from CVS, $41 million from Walmart, and $32.6 million from Allergan an opioids manufacturer. O’Connor also said in the announcement that most of the funds would be used for prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery services.

The settlements will be paid out as follows, Walmart will pay most of their settlement in 2023, CVS’s will be spread out over 10 years, and Walgreens will be spread out over 15 years. No information was provided on when Allergan’s settlement would be paid out.