That’s the way the cookie crumbles: Cowboys’ big W brings extra treat to the Big D

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Victory was sweet for the Cowboys Monday—on and off the field!

The big W brought an extra treat to the Big D Tuesday thanks to two mayors and the Tiff’s Treats Throwdown.

Tiff’s Treats is set to open its doors in Tampa this weekend. To celebrate, it said it would donate 500 boxes of cookies to whichever city’s team won the playoff game. 

And that made Dallas the winners last night in more ways than one. 

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Tampa Mayor Jane Castor agreed to the friendly wager based on the outcome of the game. It was dubbed the “Tiff’s Treats Throwdown” and the two bantered playfully on social media leading up to Monday’s matchup.

Mayor Johnson said the cookies would go to first responders and kids. Mayor Castro said the city’s frontline workers would be the lucky recipients. 

Congrats to @Johnson4Dallas, who now has 500-dozen cookies to donate to first responders & charities of his choice!🍪But because we’re good sports, we’re handing over another 250-dozen cookies to @JaneCastor so she also can make some well deserved heroes happy in Tampa!💙

— Tiff’s Treats (@tiffstreats) January 17, 2023

In a statement, Mayor Johnson said the following:

“I want to again thank my friend Tampa Mayor Jane Castor for participating in this fun and friendly wager. This was a great way to get our cities even more engaged in the outcome of Monday night’s playoff game. And you cannot go wrong with mixing civic pride, professional sports, and warm cookies. I hope this Cowboys victory tastes especially sweet for our first responders and some of our Dallas youth, and I look forward to working with Tiff’s Treats to get these cookies delivered as soon as we can. Go Cowboys!”

Mayor Castor also sent CBS 11 a statement saying:

“Unfortunately, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Congratulations to the Cowboys. Even though our Bucs didn’t bring home the win, Tampa Bay is grateful and proud of our team’s grit. Wait until next year! For now, I hope Dallas’ first responders enjoy their cookies. The Tiff’s Treats Throwdown was a fun way to unite our cities and support local charities. Thank you Tiff’s Treats for the delicious cookies and support in this friendly wager.”

The mayor office said they’re working on coordinating with Tiff’s Treats to figure out logistics and who specifically will get the cookies. But they said they plan on having them delivered before the next game this Sunday.