Wind Storm Causes Damage in South Enid and Hillsdale


On Sunday, February 26th the state of Oklahoma experienced several high-wind storms and some tornados. The south side of Enid experienced wind damage with some trees being uprooted and blocking part of Norman Rd near Cleveland. Powerlines were also damaged near Norman and Cleveland and some homes took damage on the south side as well.

Parts of Hillsdale were also damaged by the high winds. Despite Garfield County is under a Tornado Warning sirens did not sound. It is unclear if the sirens didn’t sound because there wasn’t a tornado on the ground or if the sirens were malfunctioning.

Garfield County officials could not immediately be reached for comment. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt commented on the storms across the state saying “My heart goes out to the communities impacted by last night’s severe weather; especially those hit hardest like Cheyenne and my hometown of Norman. Thank you to our emergency response teams and power crews that have been working tirelessly to restore power across the state”.