Quickies: Selena Gomez + Hailey Bieber!


SELENA GOMEZ REVEALES BIGGEST REGRET: Selena Gomez regrets not keeping in touch with her Wizards of Waverly Place co-stars. During a February 27th appearance on the Wizards of Waverly Pod, she told the hosts and her former co-stars Jennifer Stone and David DeLuise, “I felt ashamed of the decisions that I made. I didn't want you guys to see me in the state that I was in, because A, you would have told me the truth, which terrifies me, and B, I didn't want to let you down.”

HAILEY BIEBER REVEALS HER FAVORITE ALBUM IS NOT JUSTIN'S: Hailey Bieber recently revealed to Vogue Australia that her favorite album isn’t one of her husband’s. In an interview conducted by Justin Bieber, the model said she’s currently obsessed with SZA’s chart topper, SOS. She also said she’s loving an unreleased Justin song, adding, “The new song that you just recorded, I can’t stop listening to right now. Nobody knows what that is yet.”