Roger Waters’ Frankfurt Show Scrapped Due To Alleged Anti-Semitism


Roger Waters' May 28th Frankfurt, Germany concert was cancelled, due to, “his alleged status as 'one of the world's most well-known Anti-Semites.” The concert the concert was to be held at the “Festhalle” complex in the German city.

The Jerusalem Post reported, “In the statement of the city council that announced the cancellation, it was noted that the location was also used for the detention of 3,000 Jewish men who were arrested after Kristallnacht, between November 9th to 10th, 1938, in which Nazis attacked Jews and destroyed their property. The men were abused and later deported to concentration camps. Since 60 percent of the 'Festhalle' shares belonged to the municipality, the city council was able to cancel the performance. They had submitted their decision to a judge to cancel Waters' appearance beforehand.”

Although Roger Waters did not issue an official comment regarding the show's cancellation, the former-Pink Floyd leader retweeted a video by syndicated columnist Dr. Ramzy Baroud, which states that the true reason for the show being pulled was due to Waters' unwavering and public support of Palestine.