Oklahoma State Attorney General Talks Robocall Scams and What to Do


As part of National Consumers protection week Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond warned Oklahomans about spam robocalls. Drummond said “call recipients can help protect themselves from fraud by listening for common warning signs and signing up for the Do Not Call Registry”.

Oklahoma assistant attorney Matt Willoughby gave some advise saying that individuals should:

  • Be suspicious of callers who ask you to pay by gift card, wire transfer or cryptocurrency.
  • Beware of pre-recorded calls from imposters claiming to represent government agencies.
  • If the caller claims to be from a legitimate company or organization, hang up and call them back using a valid number found on their website or on your latest bill if you do business with them.
  • If fraudulent activity is suspected, immediately hang up and do not provide any information.
  • Sign up for the Oklahoma Do Not Call Registry and the national Do Not Call Registry by visiting¬†oag.ok.gov/attorney-generals-telemarketer-restriction-act-consumer-registry.