The Cherokee Strip Community Foundation Announces 2nd Round of Work in Enid Award Recipients


The Cherokee Strip Community Foundation has announced its 2nd round of Work in Enid Award Recipients. Ashley Dirks and Kayla Grebe were selected as the recipients of the award and will now receive up to $10,000 in student loan relief.

Speaking about the reward in a press release Dirks said “Enid is a great place to live and get involved.  From my experience living in the larger cities, finding a way to get involved and make a difference was hard. Enid is also a great place to make connections and build your network. Once you make one connection, it opens up other doors to get involved and learn more about the community.”

Dirks is a 2015 Enid High School graduate who left Enid to attend OU and then spent some time after graduation living in Tulsa, and Texas. Grebe also spoke about winning the award saying “My husband and his family are all from Enid, so I have to admit that was a big part of why we moved here, said Grebe. My husband and I met at the beginning of pharmacy school, and he started bringing me home to visit. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the town.”

Grebe is currently attending pharmacy school.